McComb Merger

The Northwestern Water & Sewer District’s board approved a merger with the Village of McComb at our board meeting on April 28, 2016. It should be officially completed within 90 days.

What’s this mean?

mccombDistrict personnel will be providing water and sewer services in another village (McComb), this time in Hancock County. One new employee will come to the District from the village, but he is a key man as he operates their water plant!

The village has approximately 700 users including the independent village school system. Another unusual user is Hearthside Foods, a regional cookie factory, which has approximately 1600 employees. They are a key economic development hub to that area of our region.


What’s the big deal?

The village has a stable local environment and nice standard of living, but needs an expensive wastewater plant upgrade, local water system upgrades, and more resources overall for utilities. The existing rates for services are similar to ours, but would be heavily impacted by the sewer plant cost. There will be an ongoing discussion within the District as we discuss who pays for the new capital expenditure.

Meantime, their water distribution system needs repairs and attention. These include things we will do in a normal everyday operation for our customers, such as repairing hydrants and valves.

mccomb watershedA new watershed is prepared to open in McComb on June 1st with a ribbon cutting ceremony. This is our 8th water vending machine and has a nice location in McComb.  It should do well.


Our capabilities fulfill most every municipal need. Between the need for operators, reasonable rates, financing options and economic development tasks, we do them all routinely and capably!







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