NWWSD Tweets!

Hello all. I thought I would share with you how we use Twitter here at the Northwestern Water & Sewer District.

As many of you know, the use of Twitter is quite prevalent now. And while its use may not be as big as Facebook, it is very spontaneous and an interactive way for us all to communicate.

The District has two different Twitter accounts:

Our original twitter account, called “EmilyPostsNWWSD,” is handled by our very own Emily Freeman.  Emily works in our Operations Department, right in front of The Wall.  (See my previous blog on the Wall!  Click Here!).  She tweets about happenings around the region dealing with what our crews are up to, where work is being done in the field, and even when there are traffic snarls on our hometown roadways.  Emily uses the hashtag #redtrucks, in reference to the District’s fleet of red trucks.

To illustrate, just a couple days ago Emily tweeted the following about our field work and crew activities for everyone’s information and convenience.

Our second twitter account is our flagship twitter feed simply called @NWWSD. This account is very sprawling in nature. It communicates important information to customers, but it also communicates community and water stories of all shapes, sizes, and scope.

To conclude this blog- I will share with you an interesting mix from this account, tweeted just over the past week or so.











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